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Martial Arts:

At Thread Designs, Inc. We specialize in black belt embroidery for martial arts schools. Our technicians have many years of experience in commercial and domestic sewing and embroidery. As a result, they have a great sense of awareness of what constitutes good quality in a sewn product and have developed a high level of attention to detail.

Thread Designs, Inc. can offer you the following advantages as your supplier:

  • Personal embroidery on each belt and our technicians are held responsible for the quality of the embroidery.
  • We have fast turn-around time. An emergency order of fewer than ten belts can be shipped within twenty-four hours of receipt of the order. An order of fifty belts is shipped within five working days of the receipt of the order. Shipment can be by either Express mail or Priority Mail.
  • We guarantee that our prices are competitive with your current supplier.
  • We have access to a Korean doctoral candidate who provides English-to-Korean translation. Through this relationship we can supply Korean wording on one end of the belts.


Kristin Schneider